Café Menu

Menu for Friday, April 17


  • Mixed Greens:  A mix of greens served w/ tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, & a choice of Blue Cheese, Poppy Seed, or Ranch dressing...$1.25
  • Couscous Salad:  Couscous with fresh vegetables and dried fruit...$1.25


  • Thai Coconut Shrimp...$1.25
  • Cranberry Bean and Bacon...$1.25 


  • Maple Pecan Glazed Grilled Salmon:  Served w/ rice & vegetables...$7.95
  • Smoked Baby Back Ribs:  Smoked w/ Old Pogue Bourbon Oak Barrel Wood served w/ BBQ Sauce, Hoppin' John, & fresh vegetables...$8.95
  • Pasta Primavera:  Fresh vegetables & fettuccini in a parmesan cheese sauce...$6.50
  • Roast Beef Hot Shot:  Slices of Roast Beef over Café bread w/ mashed potatoes & fresh vegetables...$6.95
  • Deep Fried Lasagna:  Twist of the classic, served w/ Marinara & Alfredo...$6.50
  • Lemon Piccata Chicken:  Sautéed chicken w/ a white wine lemon caper sauce served w/ rice & fresh vegetables...$7.50
  • Pretzel-Crusted Pork Cutlet with a Dijon Sauce:  Served w/ mashed potatoes & fresh vegetables...$7.50 


  • OMG Cheeseburger:  Grilled burger topped w/ a variety of "warm" peppers & pepper jack cheese on a pretzel bun, served w/ home-made fries...$6.25
  • Mocha Chip Pancakes with Espresso Syrup:  Served w/ bacon & fresh fruit...$5.95


  • Iced or hot tea and coffee...$0.50
  • Lemonade, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Diet Mountain Dew...$0.75


  • Orange Cloud Pie...$2.95
  • Kentucky Bourbon Pie...$2.95
  • Lemon Torte...$2.95