Military Dependents

Financial Aid for Military Dependents, tailored to your specific life circumstance. Simply click on the statements that apply to you to find the educational resources you may be eligible for, how to apply and contact information for each grant or scholarship.

Spouse or child of a service member who joined after Sept. 11, 2001, who is still in service and who is willing to transfer his or her GI Bill eligibility

Five Must-Know GI Bill Facts

Post 9/11 GI Bill Transferability Fact Sheet

GI Bill Transferability

Spouse of E1-E5 or W1-W2 or O1-O2. who are pursuing degree programs, licenses or credentials leading to employment in “portable” career fields (MyCAA Career Advancement Accounts)

List of "portable" careers

Wife of active duty military and Guard education scholarships

Operation Homefront Scholarship

Spouse or Child of a military service member not residing in home state due to deployment: National Military Family Association In-State Tuition

Spouse or child of a veteran who died or is permanently and totally disabled, who died from ANY cause while the disability existed

Spouse of a veteran who was killed or 100 percent disabled in a service-related incident

Kentucky Spouses, Children, Stepchildren, Adopted Children and Un-Remarried Widows and Widowers Tuition Waiver

Kentucky Contact
Ohio and Indiana Contact

Spouses who need to freshen up for SAT/ACT exams

Child of service members who died in the line of service after Sept. 10, 2001

Dependents Education Assistance – Scholarships for Survivor Dependent Education Act – To Determine Eligibility

Spouses and Children Who Would Like to Test for College Credit (DANTES)

Spouse or Widow/Widower of Retired National Guard Soldiers Who are Pursuing Their First Undergraduate Degree

Transferring Spouse or child coming to Kentucky from another school and want credits to transfer

Spouse who is the dependent of an active duty or retired Army soldier or the widow(er) of a Soldier who died while on active duty or while retired

AND Children who are a dependent of a Soldier on federal active duty, a retired Soldier, or a deceased active or deceased retired Soldier

AND for Navy/Marines spouse and children

Air Force Children

ROTC Nursing Scholarships

Air Force ROTC


Navy Nurse Candidate Program (also applies to Marines)


General categories for spouse and dependent student aid

Step-by-Step Single-Site Aide for Financing Military Spouse Education

Recent Changes to the GI Bill

Scholarship Finder Search Engine for more than 1,000 scholarships and grants

A Compact User’s Guide to Military Education Benefits

Post 9/11 GI Bill Transferability Fact Sheet

GI Bill Transferability

Five Must-Know GI Bill Facts

Kentucky State-specific financial aid or tuition waivers for spouses or children of military members who died or were disabled as a result of their service. KRS 164.505, KRS 164.515 and KRS 164.507

Help Number for Military Spouses: 800-342-9647

KRS State-Mandated Scholarships and Waivers
VA Tuition Waiver