Financial Aid Forms

Scholarship Application:
Apply for an internal scholarship.

2015 Kentucky High School Senior Scholarships:
Did you graduate from high school this year? Apply for a scholarship.

MCTC Service-Learning Scholarship:
Use your volunteer experience and apply for a scholarship.

2015-16 Standard Verification Worksheet V1:
Use this form when you have been selected for a financial aid process called Verification.

Direct Student Loan Instructions:
Follow these instructions to apply for student loans.

2015-16 Recalculation Request:
You can use this form when your financial situation has drastically changed since you submitted your FAFSA.

Financial Aid Degree Audit:
Take this form to your advisor to complete and return it to the financial aid office if you have exceeded the maximum number of hours for your program of study.

KCTCS Federal Work-study Employment Application:
You can apply to be a student worker by applying online at the above site.

KCTCS Consortium Agreement:
You can use this form if you are taking classes with us and at another college to have your Financial Aid award based on your enrollment at both institutions.

Request for Independent Status:
Use this form if you want us to consider a change to your dependency status.

2015-16 Verification Form V3:
Use this form if you have been selected for a verification of your child support amounts.

2015-16 Verification Form V4:
This form is used when you have been selected for a custom verification of your financial aid information.

2015-16 Verification Form V5:
Use this form if you have been selected for a verification of your household size.

2015-16 Verification Form V6:
Household Resources Verification Worksheet

2015-16 Unusual Enrollment History:
Use this form to submit an explanation of you unusual enrollment history.

SAR Code 115:
You can use this form if you previously had a loan discharged due to a disability and you want to request additional student loans.