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Charging Books to Your Aid

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Video Transcript

[STUDENT] How can I use the financial aid I have received to pay for books?

[STAFF] If you plan to charge books to your aid, you must complete the FAR, or Financial Aid Release form, within your Student Self-service account.

[NARRATOR] To access your Student Self Service Account, select the Student Self-service link located on the college’s homepage. Enter your user ID and password on the login page. Once you have logged in, navigate to the “Finances” section of your account. Use your mouse to select the “Financial Aid / Bookstore Release (FAR)” link.

A new window will open. Read all sections of this page fully. Once you have read and understood the information on this page, use your mouse to select the checkboxes next to each statement.  If you wish to charge books from the bookstore based upon your financial eligibility, select the radio button indicating “YES”.

Then click the “Save” button. You may now close this window and return to the Student Center.

[STUDENT] Wow, that was easy. So am I ready to go to the bookstore and get my books?

[STAFF] To purchase your books, you’ll need to take a few things with you to the bookstore, including your Student ID and a copy of your class schedule.

[NARRATOR] Students will be notified by the Registrar’s Office to have a photo ID card created at their campus library. Proof of enrollment is required before an ID card will be issued, such as a copy of your schedule or a letter of admission.

Please refer to the Student ID Policy for more information. From the college’s website, select the “Current Student” link, and scroll down the page to select the “Student ID Policy” link.

[NARRATOR] You are able to view and print a copy of your class schedule from your Student Self-service account. From the “academics” section of your account, select the “Schedule with Classroom Location” link to display your weekly class schedule.

You can change the display option to a list view by selecting the “List View” radio button with your mouse. Now select the radio button for the term you wish to view, and click the “Continue” button.

Your class schedule for the selected term will be displayed, and you can find a printable copy of this schedule by scrolling down the page and selecting the “Printer Friendly Page” link.

[STUDENT] Hi. I’ll be charging these books to my financial aid. Here is my schedule and my Student ID.

[NARRATOR] Maysville Community and Technical College has bookstore locations on the Maysville and Rowan Campuses.
You can also purchase your books online. Books charged to your financial aid may be purchased from

To watch a video tutorial on ordering textbooks online, select the “Current Students” link from the college’s homepage, then select the “MCTC Bookstore” link. The tutorial can be located through the link on this page.

[STAFF] For more information about financial aid at Maysville Community and Technical College, please visit, and click on the “Costs and Financial Aid” link.

You can find contact information for the Financial Aid Staff by using your mouse to select the “Contact Us” link shown here. We hope that this video has helped you become more aware about the financial aid services available to you as a student of Maysville Community and Technical College.