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Your Responsibilities and SAP

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Video Transcript

Your Responsibilities and SAP

[STUDENT] What is SAP?

[STAFF] SAP stands for Satisfactory Academic Progress. You must maintain a good academic standing with the college in order to retain your financial aid eligibility each year.

[NARRATOR] To be in good standing for financial aid, you must successfully complete 67% of all hours attempted, and maintain a 2.00 cumulative grade point average.  If you do not have a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or higher, you will be placed on academic probation.  If you are not removed from academic probation after one semester, you will lose your financial aid eligibility.  Standards of progress will be checked annually at the end of the spring term.

[STUDENT] What happens if I don't finish the semester?

[NARRATOR] When a student totally withdraws, ceases to attend classes, or receives all failing grades, that student may lose eligibility for Federal Financial Aid, resulting in some or all of their aid being returned to the Department of Education. This is referred to as Return to Title IV Funds. Federal aid will be returned based on the student’s last day of attendance. A student whose attendance is documented beyond 60% of the term will not be subject to return funds. If you must withdraw from classes, consult your financial aid office to see how it may impact your eligibility.

[STAFF] It is your responsibility as a student to make sure that you remain in good academic standing.
Be sure to read all of the financial aid correspondence you may receive through the mail or email. Complete and return all of the forms that you receive to the financial aid office as necessary.

[NARRATOR] For more detailed information about the SAP Policy, visit Select the “Students” link, and then select the “Costs & Financial Aid” link. A link to the “SAP Policy” is provided near the bottom of this page.

[STAFF] For more information about financial aid at Maysville Community and Technical College, please visit, and click on the “Costs and Financial Aid” link.

You can find contact information for the Financial Aid Staff by using your mouse to select the “Contact Us” link shown here.

We hope that this video has helped you become more aware about the financial aid services available to you as a student of Maysville Community and Technical College.